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Whether you're a Finance Director, Human Resource Director, Payroll Supervisor, or an Accounting Employee, our experienced team of professionals provides the resources your agency needs to comply with the ever-growing complexity of laws affecting your payroll obligations. 

Our training is designed for:
Local government agencies, such as cities, counties, special districts, joint power authorities and government-related nonprofit corporations. We direct our training to Finance Directors, Assistant Finance Directors, Human Resource Directors, Payroll Supervisors, and accounting employees who specialize in such jobs as Form 1099 reporting, preparation of quarterly payroll tax returns, Forms W-2, Forms W-4, etc.

Our 2021 Webinar will cover:

2021 COVID-19 Developments

Paid Sick and Family Leave:

  • Leave payments required under CA Senate Bill 95

  • Reimbursement of SB 95 costs from federal government

  • Calculating and reporting payroll tax credits for ARPA-compliant leave payments (EPSL and EFML)


COBRA Subsidies:

  • Eligibility requirements

  • Penalties for not sending notices to employees

  • Calculating and reporting payroll tax credits for COBRA subsidy payments


New Form 941-X:

  • New IRS rules for correcting COVID-19 payroll reporting errors

  • IRS procedures for recovering missed ARPA credits for past payroll periods

Cafeteria Plans, Health FSAs, and Dependent Care FSAs:

  • COVID-19 election and reporting requirements

  • Reporting DCAP reimbursements on Form W-2

  • Required amendments to your agency's cafeteria plan documents

Special Issues Affecting Remote Workers:

  • Required reimbursements under CA Labor Code Section 2802

  • Reimbursement rules for "office-at-home" expenses and auto allowances

  • Commuting rules for work-from-home employees

  • Taxation and reporting of “out-of-state” workers


2021 Information Reporting:

  • Special COVID-19 rules affecting forms W-2, W-4 and 1099 Reporting

  • Form 1099 rules for reporting COVID-related grants to businesses and individuals

  • Reporting of Debt Forgiveness

General Government Tax Issues – 2021 Developments

  • Information returns (W-2, 1099, etc.)

  • IRS enforcement of 1099 reporting rules, including enhanced penalties

  • Correction of payroll tax errors

  • California independent contractor rules

  • New federal rules for tax levies and garnishments on employee wages

  • Affordable Care Act developments

  • Cafeteria Plan developments

  • De Minimis rules

  • Transportation fringe benefits

  • Accrued vacation and sick leave

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